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Whether you have one retail store or manage a complex, multi-currency and multi-jurisdictional e-commerce business, MIDsource has the unique ability to provide you with the best processing and gateway solutions available where other providers fall short. Specializing in the high risk merchant services space, MIDsource has the processing solutions you’ve been looking for.



Low Risk Merchant Account

MIDsource will be able to assist you in obtaining a merchant account whether you are an online, retail, phone /mail order, or mobile merchant.

Payment Gateway Services

The MIDpay gateway maintains a robust and flexible portal which will allow you to customize your payment profile to serve the specific needs of your business.

Chargeback Services

Depending on the particular types of offers and products you promote, you can expect to win back 65% – 92% of disputes.

Cyber Security

We can help you identify and expose cyber threats to your business and mitigate these vulnerabilities by increasing your cyber security posture.

High Risk Merchant Services

MIDsource offers domestic and international high risk merchant accounts for a wide range of industries.

ACH & Check Draft

Check Drafting is an electronic system that allows a business to accept check payments from their customers quickly.

MIDsource Mobile Application

Download the MIDsource mobile application today. Useful for merchants and agents alike.

Cash Advance

A Merchant Cash or Revenue Advance is a business loan alternative that is actually a sale. Merchants sell their future credit card sales at a discount.

The processing solutions

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From retail to high risk merchant services, from a single person home-based business to a publicly traded company
with thousands of employees, MIDsource is your source for everything payments.




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