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Be Proactive with MIDsource ACM…It’s Your Money.

Chargebacks are a painful cost of doing business with a direct negative impact on profit. Every month you lose thousands of dollars due to chargebacks. Depending on the particular types of offers and products you promote, you can expect to win back 65% – 92% of disputes, bringing that revenue directly back to your bottom line. Protect your business with MIDsource ACM!

Locate Problem Trending areas:

We provide geographical dispute trending data, allowing you to pin point higher chargeback areas, which directly influences your local, social, and direct marketing optimization decisions.

Avoid Disputes:

Our State of the art reporting system will collect and prepare the necessary documents and supply them to the cardholder institutions to block and stop disputes before they start. We’ve spent decades identifying how credit card associations, payment service providers, gateways and banks, engage in chargeback management.

Get Live, Real-Time Merchant Account Stats & Alerts!

We provide a live dashboard detailing everything you need to know regarding chargeback ratios & counts by card types. Our System will also send you alerts notifying when merchant accounts are reaching negative thresholds.

We provide a managed cloud-based, turnkey, affordable solution that integrates DIRECTLY to your gateway, CRM and USPS.

• You will receive a dashboard with full real-time transparency including one designated fax number per MID (included) for quick and easy transmittal of chargeback notifications.

• We understand the intricate details of the chargeback process and what techniques will be needed to win the dispute.

• We understand the PSPs interpretation of the dispute, what they expect to receive and how to best present your supporting documentation.

• We craft our chargeback response to ensure you win the initial dispute and to better position you against potential 2nd and 3rd dispute attempts from the same consumer.

• Depending on the particular types of offers and products that you promote, We can generate a high (65% – 92%*) win ratio, ensuring a greater return in loss recovery.

• Dynamic reporting- Detailed, real-time easy to understand reports including live stats and negative trending reports.

• We understand the redline thresholds placed by the credit card associations and provide, real time customizable alerts for negative trends in order to avoid merchant account closures and potential fines for excessive chargebacks. Know your chargeback ratios (% and count) per MID anytime.

• We provide you a full repository (file storage) for your convenience.

• Our process will allow you to reduce personnel costs.

We defend against all chargeback dispute types including:

• Chargeback Fraud
• Canceled Recurring Transactions
• Merchandise/Service Not as Described
• Defective Merchandise
• Services or merchandise not received
• Fraudulent Card-Not-Present Transactions
• Unauthorized charge claims
• Re-disputes as well as pre-arbitration
• Duplicate Processing complaints
• Retrieval Request Inquiries
• Non-receipt of sales draft copy or original within the specified time
• Chargebacks not responded to within allowable time-frame

The 3 Step Process:

1. We begin by analyzing your chargebacks and data mine for reason code trends, specific reoccurring nuances, and identifying the best potential rebuttals based on why customers are disputing.

2. Then we advise of best resolution options and help you determine your best course of defense.

3. We then create a strong chargeback rebuttal package specific to the reason code, ensuring optimum relevance and chargeback win ratio.

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Chargeback Mitigation With Verifi & Ethoca

See how Verifi’s Total Chargeback Management Solution can lower your chargeback losses by Up to 65%!


• Can lower your chargeback losses by up to 65%!

• Helps stop chargebacks BEFORE they happen.

• Recovers up to 50% of revenue lost to chargebacks, maximizing your ROI and saving time.

• Saves time, enabling you to focus on your business and maximize your results.

• Flexible and easy to implement – little to no IT integration required

To get started with Verifi, call MIDsource or apply directly through the app…

Ethoca is a secure network for card issuers and merchants to connect and work cooperatively outside the payment network in a unique and powerful way! Ethoca, through its innovative services, helps connect card issuers to online merchants to stop fraud that slips through their defences and recapture lost revenues.

• Avoid the financial loss by stopping the fulfillment on goods and services on orders you’ve already accepted and currently processing.

• Avoid the entire chargeback process. No chargebacks. No chargeback fees. No chargeback processing costs!

• Dramatically improve the productivity of your manual review team by quickly cancelling those orders confirmed by the cardholder as fraud.

• Be alerted to fraud attacks sooner, thereby lessoning the financial impact of the overall attack.

• Improve your fraud screening by incorporating cardholder-confirmed fraud much sooner in your fraud tables.

• Improve the cardholder/customer experience.

• Protect your brand.

To get started with Ethoca, call MIDsource or apply directly through the app…

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