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Revolutionizing the Functionality of APPS for the Benefit of Merchants and Consumers Worldwide.

Maybe you already know…Mobile merchant apps are the fastest growing advertising, customer retention and loyalty tool on the market today.

A custom mobile merchant app can be used to:

1. Grow your business
2. Endear your brand to your consumer base by providing useful push notifications
(a) Send tips for greater success (diet, health, business, exercise, etc.)
(b) Custom interactive features to reinforce success in the eye of the consumer.
(c) Coupons
(d) Loyalty Rewards
3. Link to your store/shopping cart for greater number of impulse purchases.


1. Eliminates your customer from going to a website or computer
2. Mobile phones are within arms reach 24/7
3. Social networking – engaging in social commerce. Your customers can “share” your business and their recent purchase with their friends.
4. Mobile shopping – “The #1 Growing Shopping Experience”
5. Credibility benefits and improved consumer perception of your company.

The features and benefits outlined above are clearly designed to bring your customers closer to your company and the product line that you offer.

Originally designed for e-commerce and continuity merchants the MIDsaver platform on your custom merchant app will allow your clients to communicate account changes directly through the app to your customer service department. This revolutionary flexibility coupled with the marketing power of your custom app will not only build sales but reduce the likelihood of costly chargebacks…

A MIDsaver app can help to REDUCE CHARGEBACKS!

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