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Domestic Merchant Accounts

Banks are constantly scrutinizing and ultimately redefining the merchant types that they will and will NOT accept. What is acceptable to an underwriter one day could be prohibited the next. To this end, there is nothing more frustrating for a merchant than having a merchant account closed because the bank or platform decided that they no longer want a particular class of business.

MIDsource offers domestic high risk merchant accounts for a wide range of industries. With our extensive network and direct banking relationships, we pride ourselves in our ability to obtain new merchant accounts for businesses in the high risk and card not present space. With market conditions, regulations, policy changes and bank appetites changing on a regular basis, you need a partner who is one step ahead and can provide processing options. For years, the dedicated professionals at MIDsource have leveraged deep relationships and industry knowledge to keep our merchants up and processing.

International Merchant Accounts

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Businesses with six months of processing history and a monthly sales volume of $50,000 or more are eligible for an international merchant account. To start the underwriting process, please provide an executed MIDsource application and support data outlined on page two of the application.
We currently do not accept applications for businesses that are based out of India. We also do not consider businesses that don’t currently accept credit cards as a form of payment.

• Multi-currency processing and settlements
• Foreign entity creation
• Frequent payout schedule
• Fast merchant account approvals

E-Commerce Payment Solutions

MIDsource has dozens of direct banking relationships worldwide that offer streamlined multi-currency solutions for both domestic and international e-commerce merchants. MIDsource can also provide multiple gateway options through which merchants can easily accept online payments confidently and securely.

Business Types Accepted

Some of the High Risk Industries we provide solutions for are as follows:

• Adult Sites and Products
• Airlines/Air Carriers
• Auctions
• Amusement & Recreation Services
• Auto Rental
• Bail Bondsmen
• Bitcoin
• Buying / Shopping Clubs / Wholesale Clubs
• Casino
• Cellular Phones & Beepers
• Check Cashing Services
• Cruises
• Chat Rooms
• Coin Shops
• Continuity
• Collection Agencies
• Computer Stores
• Credit Repair
• Credit Interest Rate Reduction
• Cryptocurrencies
• Custom Furniture/ Products
• Dating (online)
• Detective Services
• Door-to-Door Sales
• Downloading of Software
• Forex Websites
• Gaming
• Gift Certificate
• Hair Restoration Services
• Home / Apartment Operated Business
• Horoscope / Fortune Tellers
• Infomercials
• Insurance Products
• Investment Opportunities
• Internet / Custom Jewelry Sales
• Internet Art Sales
• IT Services
• Loan Modification
• Male Enhancement
• Mortgage Services / Securities Sales
• Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
• Outbound / Inbound Telemarketing / Phone Solicitation
• Pawn Shops
• Seminars, Educational
• Sports Cards
• Sports Forecasting / Consulting
• Social Networking Websitesshutterstock_2605555
• Telecommunications Equipment Sales
• Teeth Whitening
• Telemarketing
• Timeshare Sales
• Timeshare Redemption
• Timeshare Liquidation
• Timeshare Deed/Title Transfer
• Travel
• Used Auto Sales
• Water Purifiers
• Nutraceutical
• Penny Auctions
• Vape Products
• E-CIG (Electronic Cigarettes)
• Legal Services (Attorney)
• Biz-Op (Business Opportunities)
• Online School/Education
• Hair Restoration
• Extended Warranties/Service Contracts
• Online Diet Programs

If you do not see your particular industry listed, please contact MIDsource to discuss your processing needs.

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