Merchants Finding Huge Value in MIDsource Automated Chargeback Management


With the recent release of version 2.0 merchants are realizing that Automated Chargeback Management (ACM) offered by MIDsource is providing the transparency and cost savings that online merchants have been desperately seeking. Chargebacks are costly for any business, but for e-commerce (online) merchants, chargebacks can close your doors permanently. As if the cost of chargebacks wasn’t enough, merchants often must employ additional personnel to process chargebacks as they come in due to their time-sensitive nature. Every month individual merchants lose thousands of dollars or more due to chargebacks. Ironically, the expense is NOT the most frustrating part of the chargeback process… What has merchants extremely frustrated is the lack of transparency and the fact that they never know what is going on.

“I see what these merchants are going through on a daily basis dealing with chargebacks, and we are pleased to be able to offer a game-changing product like this” says Greg Augustine, CEO of MIDsource. MIDsource ACM is here to alleviate the pain of chargeback management once and for all. MIDsource ACM provides the merchant with a managed, turnkey, affordable solution that integrates DIRECTLY to the merchant’s GATEWAY, CRM and USPS. This State of the art reporting system will collect and prepare the necessary documents and supply them directly to the cardholder institutions. He goes on to say, “Merchants finally have an extremely valuable, yet affordable product that provides the chargeback process transparency that they have been looking for.”

With MIDsource Automated Chargeback Management (ACM), a merchant can expect to win back 65% – 92% of all disputes, bringing that revenue directly back to their bottom line. We understand the intricate details of the chargeback process and what techniques will be needed to win disputes for our merchants.

In addition to managing chargebacks from start to finish, MIDsource Automated Chargeback Management (ACM) provides many features including complete transparency through a live dashboard detailing everything you need to know regarding chargeback ratios & counts by card types. The system will also send alerts notifying when merchant accounts are reaching negative thresholds.

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