MIDsource Announces Partnership With The NFL Alumni Association of Southern California

MIDsource has announced a partnership with the NFL Alumni Association (Southern California Chapter) under the terms of which MIDsource will allow NFL Alumni Business owners to implement a number of robust and streamlined payment technologies and strategies to help both grow their businesses, as well as reduce their overall costs.

“We are honored to be working with the NFL Alumni Association here in Southern California,” said MIDsource CEO, Greg Augustine. “They have done so many great things for the community over the years, and we look forward to helping these business owners who have donated so much of their time and resources to help others.”

“At present, with over 600+ active members and growing, many of which own businesses in various industries, The NFL Alumni Association (Southern California Chapter) partnership with MIDsource just makes sense,” said James Washington, President of the Southern California Alumni and Two-Time Super Bowl Champion.” He went on to say: “Our ability to help others is predicated upon the well-being and financial strength of our members as individuals and business owners. In being able to utilize the payment technologies offered by MIDsource, member businesses will have the opportunity to grow while also reducing costs, which is especially important within the current economic environment. It is a win-win.”

About MIDsource: Based in Southern California, MIDsource is a global merchant account, ACH, gateway provider that helps connect businesses and consumers with credit, debit, ATM and alternative payment networks. The company services a variety of industries with an extensive support network that includes dozens of domestic and international banking relationships in 195 different countries.