Trouble Getting Approved for an Ecommerce Merchant Account? MIDsource Can Help!


If you are an ecommerce business, you may have trouble getting approved for a merchant account to accept online credit card payments. This problem limits your ability to conduct business and help your company grow. But don’t despair – MIDsource can help.

The Risk for Ecommerce Businesses

Getting an ecommerce merchant account can be difficult because they are considered to be a high risk. If you offer standard products, you may wonder why this is an issue. While many factors come into play to create the label of high risk, the main factor for your industry is the increased opportunity for fraud.

It’s much easier to verify a person’s identity when they’re standing in front of you. Doing business online limits the methods you can use to verify the identity of the person purchasing your products or services.

Fraud doesn’t just occur from identity thieves. A teenager could steal their parent’s credit card to make an online purchase. The parent finds out and demands to be reimbursed. A roommate may “borrow” a friend’s credit card to make a purchase. These incidents are seen more in online purchases, which increases the risk ecommerce businesses face.

How to Be Approved for a Merchant Account

If you’re an ecommerce business and you’ve been turned down for a merchant account, don’t give up. Companies that specialize in high risk industries are more lenient on their requirements. It’s possible to find a processor to accept your application.

Instead of randomly selecting companies and filling out applications, it’s important to choose ones focusing on ecommerce businesses and those who carry a higher level of risk. They are more prepared to work with companies in this category and offer you a better product.

How MIDsource Can Help

MIDsource is a merchant account provider, which can provide solutions for your ecommerce business others cannot. You have the ability to customize your business profile to meet the needs of your company and those of your customers.

In addition, MIDsource offers multiple tools to avoid and detect potential fraud, which helps reduce your risk in accepting credit card payments. The company also maintains compliance to industry standards for your peace of mind. With multiple gateway options, you can feel confident in accepting online payments.

MIDsource works with a vast range of merchants carrying the high risk label, including the following:

  • Custom furniture and products
  • Insurance products
  • Internet art sales
  • Sports cards
  • Timeshare sales
  • Travel
  • Penny auctions
  • Online diet programs
  • And many more

Contact MIDsource if you’re a business looking for an ecommerce merchant account. As a high risk business, we can help you find the solution which meets your needs and allows your company to grow and thrive with a reduced risk for fraud.